Time to Remove Popcorn Ceilings?

Are popcorn ceilings currently dating your home back to the 1970s? When you look up at the undesirable popcorn look alike texture, you probably wonder why it was even popularized. While we can agree it’s definitely not modern or desired even in today’s time — there are some benefits to popcorn ceilings. First being, it was very cost effective. It was quick to spray and did not require painting. Next, it was beneficial as it provided some sound barrier. Unfortunately, before asbestos was banned for use it can be found in many homes built before 1980. Asbestos was technically banned in 1977, however some contractors may have had left over materials that could have been used. If your home was built 1980 and earlier — best to have your popcorn ceilings tested for asbestos. If your test is positive, asbestos abatement is more costly than popcorn ceiling that does not contain asbestos.

Popcorn ceilings are also referred to as acoustic ceilings, stipple ceiling and splatter ceiling.

What are some different options to deal with popcorn ceilings?

  1. Paint popcorn ceilings. This is economical in the long term, but if your ultimately planning on removing popcorn ceilings, then you may want to just hold off. Painted popcorn ceilings cost more to remove than unpainted popcorn ceilings.
  2. Cover popcorn ceilings. You can choose to cover with ceiling tiles, wood, or install a new layer of drywall over. However, unless your popcorn contains asbestos, it’s not a more affordable option.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Over 99% of inquiry results in customers looking to hire a contractor for their popcorn ceiling removal project. If you’re looking into popcorn ceiling removal, you’re probably wondering what the benefits are? That is a very good question. The benefits of popcorn ceiling removal are:

The obvious: a more modern look to your space. This is important as popcorn ceilings seem to make your space feel smaller, duller, even a little dirty. A smoother texture in its place will instantly transform your space.

The other benefit is the removal of a dust, dirt and grime attractor. The popcorn ceiling is a prime attraction for spiders, dust, dirt and allergens. When you remove popcorn ceiling, your space will be clean and clear of the coarse texture of popcorn — removing those allergens from your space.

An additional benefit is an increase in home value. Many in the market to buy a home are looking for something move in ready and by removing popcorn ceilings you increase the home’s value and without the popcorn ceiling, will draw more interest.

Who Removes Popcorn Ceilings?

Well you can stop here and request your quote from our website or call to schedule an onsite estimate. Otherwise you might look in your local area for a drywall contractor, painting contractor, general contractor or handyman. Some companies may not offer the service, but chances are when searching amongst these contractors you’ll find who you are looking for. Did you know the popcorn ceiling removal is a popular DIY project as well? If you want to save a little money and feel confident in your skills, you can tackle the job yourself. There are many DIY help sites out there with different methods you can look into. Our recommendation when undertaking a diy project of any type.. begin small. That way if it turns out you’re not cut out for the work, it wont be too difficult to find a professional to take over.