Common Popcorn Ceiling Removal Questions:

What are the benefits of removing popcorn ceilings?
The main benefits of removing popcorn ceilings are you increase your home value, you rid your home of the “outdated” look of popcorn on your ceiling and you remove the dust allergens that are stuck in the grooves of the popcorn.
Will I have to leave the house while the crew is working?
We always make the suggestion that you leave the premises during work periods. There will be a lot of masking (plastic up), buckets, boxes, tools and ladders that can be potentially unsafe to our clients whom are not used to work sites and our crews will be working quickly to finish the project on-schedule. If you can not make other arrangements, please plan with your project coordinator.
What type of texture do I have a choice of in place of the popcorn ceilings?
We provide quality drywall finishes. The textures/finishes we specialize in are: knockdown Texture, skip trowel Texture, orange peel Texture, old world, Level 4 Smooth and Level 5 Smooth.
What type of paint should I use after the popcorn ceiling and refinishing phase?
You can choose whatever type of paint you want, however most will choose a FLAT or Eggshell finish in white or to match the walls.
Do you have to come and look at the project to give me a quote?
No, a walk-thru is not required to give you an estimate. Tip, request a quote by email, provide as much information as possible to receive an accurate quote.
Does wetting down popcorn ceilings reduce dust?
We spray the ceilings with water to not only loosen the texture but to also reduce dust. Keep in mind that dust will be prevalent, and we will clean up when complete but we do recommend professional cleaning and dusting afterwards.
What is the cost for popcorn ceiling removal?
The cost largely depends on your project. Factors in cost include: the square footage, ceiling height(s), how many rooms, if the home is furnished or not, the type of texture, if painting is also desired, etc… The average cost for just popcorn ceiling removal and refinishing can range from $0.90-$1.40 per square foot.