When you've got a drywall job in the future, you might have some questions.. below we've answered a few. If anything below is not covered, please call Bro's Drywall at 1-855-661-3672.

What Do Sheetrockers Do?

The sheetrocker, or sheetrockers on the job are in charge of the cutting, sizing and installation of drywall. Sheetrockers are typically on the jobsite from one to three days depending on the amount of work. Occasionally, sheetrockers will also stock the job with the sheetrock.

Is clean up and disposal included in the bid?

Standard protocol calls for clean up and disposal to be included. While every contractor is different, and some leave this option out so you can try to find a more competitive price. In your proposal, check to see if clean up and disposal is included. It should be clearly stated, if it is not, ask for it to be added.

Why are their progress payments mentioned in my contract?

Progress payments for larger jobs, usually over $3k will typically call for "progress payments" when a specific amount of work has been completed. For example, if you've got a drywall installation project for 8000 sq.ft for $14,000. Your contract may specify a payment in the amount of $3000 be made after all drywall has been installed. It may also ask for a second progress payment once the second coat has been applied. It all depends. For clarification, as your drywall contractor about the progress payments listed in your contract.