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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Isle of Palms, SC

Wanting to remove popcorn ceilings Isle of Palms, SC? Popcorn ceilings had been sprayed in homes many years ago for various reasons. Popcorn texture became a hit because they were cheap to apply and hid imperfections in the drywall and from framing. Popcorn ceilings were a huge hit in the 60s and 70s, however today — these ceilings date the home and not in a charming way!

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Isle of Palms, SC

When you need affordable popcorn ceiling removal in Isle of Palms, South Carolina — look no further than Bro’s Drywall. Our team is committed to providing you with all the information you need and connect you to top rated professionals all from one place! Don’t let popcorn ceilings continue to rule your home, remodel your ceilings with a little help from a local popcorn ceiling remover in Isle of Palms, SC.

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Ceiling Renovation After Popcorn Removal

Once your popcorn ceilings have been removed by a professional popcorn ceiling removal company in Isle of Palms, SC, they’re ready for a texture or for smooth preparation. Usually, customers have a difficult time choosing which they want. However, our input would be to choose a smooth finish for your ceilings. The benefits: it blends regardless if your walls have a texture, it opens up your space and provides the illusion of larger rooms, it’s very modern.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings Isle of Palms, SC

While it’s very beneficial, it must be applied by a professional. Failing to properly prep the ceiling for a smooth flat surface will unfortunately make your ceiling an eyesore. If you’re not sure about a smooth finish, there is nothing wrong with a texture (but it’s not recommended to mix different textures with each other. If choosing a textured ceiling, choose the texture that matches your walls. Once you’ve decided on texture, you’ll be ready for choosing a paint color!

Cost to Remove Popcorn Ceilings Isle of Palms, SC

One of the most asked questions is in fact, “what is popcorn ceiling removal going to cost?” However, the answer is not always so simple as there are many factors involved in estimating your Isle of Palms popcorn ceiling removal job. Things that factor into the cost of popcorn ceiling removal Isle of Palms, SC for instance is, square footage. The smaller the square footage, the higher the cost per square foot cost will be, and the bigger, you’ll see the square footage cost lower. Another factor is the height of the walls, if you have vaulted ceilings you’re going to see an increase, if your ceilings have a reach of 9′ or less you’ll not see added costs factored into your quote. Another consideration is, what type of finish or texture you want applied after removal. Textured or smooth? Smooth typically costs more, whereas a texture (when not custom) will fall under standard pricing.

Acoustic Popcorn Ceiling Removal Isle of Palms, South Carolina

More factors include whether or not the popcorn ceilings have been painted or not, whether they contain asbestos or not, and whether or not you’ve got repairs (after removal). Asbestos popcorn ceiling removal in Isle of Palms, SC is an expensive project, and should only be done by an abatement contractor. Make sure, if you believe asbestos may be present in your popcorn ceilings, that you have it tested.

On average the cost to remove popcorn ceiling in Isle of Palms, South Carolina will fall within $1.25 to $2.50 per square foot. To get a free cost estimate to remove popcorn ceilings in Isle of Palms, SC — call 1-855-512-2221.

Update Isle of Palms Popcorn Ceilings?
Are you ready to update the interior of your Isle of Palms home with professional popcorn ceiling removal services? Getting an estimate for your popcorn ceiling removal project in the Isle of Palms area is simple. Request your estimate online with Bro’s Drywall, or simply give us a call to request a quote.

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost Dothan, AL

Remodeling your ceilings by removing popcorn ceilings does not have to be difficult OR expensive. Our ceiling renovation professionals have many years experience in popcorn ceiling removal and can complete jobs in as little as one or two days, which definitely lessens the cost! Call 1-855-512-2221 today for your free estimate for popcorn ceiling removal in Isle of Palms, South Carolina. We look forward to helping you achieve your ceiling transformation soon!

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